About Us

Paws and enjoy the journey.

In our fast paced world, finding time to care for and be with our pups is challenging. PurePup offers products that makes your pups feel good and you feel good about your commitment to your dog's health and the environment. Every dog owner needs to understand the need for using natural products on our dogs and how much better and safer it is for them! We set out to create the best products that make caring for your dog simple, effective, and super healthy.

And we did it with our All-Natural Deodorizing Dog Spritzer - Which is the world's best spray for in-between baths, smelly dogs, or dogs who are prone to high anxiety or flees and ticks.

Our journey of creating PurePup revolved around spending more time with our pups. With how busy we get and sometimes we lose focus on those we love the most - our furry best friends. We not only wanted a premium product that matched the natural and organic products we put on our bodies, but ones that would allow us to enjoy spending more time with our pups. Bathing our little ones should not be a process but a bonding moment and that is what PurePup is all about - Finding love and cherishing time with the little things.

There are these moments you carry forever and we want to ensure that you and your pup get to experience these moments over and over again. Your pup's health is important and this means paying special attention to what they eat and what goes on their furry bodies.

The time we get with our dogs is the reward. We hope you will enjoy every moment cleaning, caring for, and adventuring with your pup.

This spritzer has saved us so much time and stress from the mess our dog makes when he is home alone. He gets bad anxiety when we are not there and tears our house apart. I feel so bad locking him up and this spray has calmed him down a lot. The mess is signicaly less. - Amanda

Our team

Here at PurePup, we are dog loves at heart! We started out 3 years ago in Winnipeg, Canada, trying to find the best products for our pups. After buying and trying so many different sprays, shampoos, and deodorizers to make our lives easier, we kept running into the same problem - Most of these products were made from harsh chemicals with ingredients we couldn't pronounce and when we did find something, it only solved one problem. We ended up needing five different types of products to fit our needs.

Together we decided we could create something better than what was on the market, that was all-natural, and acted like a "super spray". Two years later and we have developed what we believe to be the best dog spray there is on the market. And we are willing to put a guarantee behind that!

Designed in Canada and naturally sourced and manufactured in the US. We are a truly North American company that creates products your best friend at the forefront. Your dog will fall in love with our products over and over again.