The World's Best Dog Spray!
Say goodbye to that wet dog smell with the Febreze of dog sprays.
An all-natural spray that deodorizes and neutralizes all dog odors. Cuddles never smelt so good!
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Natural and Wonderful Benefits

Our Deodorizing Dog Spritzer has been specially formulated for smelly dogs and can even be used on dog beds. It is best used between baths, after walks, or whenever your pup is feeling a little stressed out. The natural lavender and lemongrass elements act as a natural calming agent and leaves you pup refreshed and smelling great.

Deodorizes & Neutralizes Odors

Naturally lifts, removes, and deodorizes all dog odors - We don't just cover them up like most sprays.

Calms Anxiety

Made with real lavender which is a natural calming agent for dogs - Great for those scary car rides or when you leave your pup alone.

Soothes Itchy Skin

Our blend of dog safe essential oils and natural ingredients hydrates dry skin and prevents itching and flaking.

Prevents Fleas & Ticks

Essential oils like cedar and peppermint are natural deterrents for those pesky bugs that love our dogs.

All-Natural Ingredients

We made sure our products are 100% natural and made from real ingredients, like Cedar, Coconut, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Lavender Essential Oils.

100% Natural
Made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.
For All Dogs Types
Safe and made for all dog types and dog breeds.
Skin & Lick Safe
Our natural elements are safe for dogs if they lick or digest them.
All Day Protection
A few sprays will provide your pup protection for up to 12 hours.
Couch & Bed Safe
Not just safe for dogs, simply spray on toys, beds, and even carpet.
Made In The USA!
All of our products are proudly sourced and manufactured in the US.

PurePup Spritzer

The BEST smelling dog spray you have ever tried! Designed to be used in-between baths, after walks, or before cuddles.


Our dog deodorant spray is a simple blend of purified water, organic essential oils, and organic ingredients that are blended to provide a light mist of heaven on your dogs. Our essential oils work with your dog's natural oils to help their coat and skin stay moisturized and smelling great without leaving an oily mess!

About Us

PurePup was created in Canada by dog lovers who wanted to provide the same luxury and eco-friendly care to their pups that they provide for themselves. Our vision is to reimagine dog care by developing premium products that give dogs a luxury feel and dog owners a brand they can trust.


We made it our mission to create clean label products with only ingredients you can pronounce. Ones that have amazing health benefits and help your pups live their best lives.

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